About me

As a Cultural Care local childcare consultant (LCC), I invite our host families and au pairs as well as those considering Cultural Care Au Pair to explore my site and learn about what is going on in our community. I provide year-round support to host families and au pairs, and also talk to families considering the program to help them determine if Cultural Care Au Pair is the right childcare solution for them.

After hosting my first au pair,  I became passionate about the au pair program.  With a desire to share my enthusiasm with other families, I became a Local Childcare Consultant with Cultural Care Au Pair in the fall of 2010.  I live in Great Falls, Virginia with my husband and two sons. As a parent of a child with autism, I devote my spare time to helping other families meet the various demands of raising special needs children.  I also use my experience as a special needs parent to bring a unique perspective and insight to the matching process for all families — including  Military, Gay and Lesbian and Special Needs families.

Taking the time to research and review childcare options can be an overwhelming experience.  I will work directly with you to help you decide if the program is right for you.  I will also provide personalized assistance during the matching process, help transition a new au pair to your home and provide resources and ongoing support throughout the year.  I love working with host families and their au pairs, and believe strongly in the idea of cultural exchange and the impact it has on families and children. My group has au pairs from all over the world and wonderful families, and it’s a pleasure serving them.

If you are interested in hosting an au pair or learning more about the program, please contact me directly at 703-472-8079 or susan.kurtz@lcc.culturalcare.com


Why Choose Cultural Care Au Pair?

Although all au pair agencies must abide by the same regulations, Cultural Care Au Pair sets itself apart by going above and beyond what is required by the U.S. Department of State. Unlike other leading au pair organizations, we:

  • Offer hands-on, classroom training at our exclusive Au Pair Training School to our au pairs before they arrive at your home including Red Cross Infant and Child CPR
  • Make all international and domestic transportation arrangements for your au pair’s arrival and departure
  • Use a personalized matching system to find your ideal au pair candidate
  • Give families exclusive access to their au pair candidate during the matching process
  • Do not charge families extra for certain au pair qualifications
  • Provide ongoing safety training throughout the au pair’s year